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Looking for a Welwyn maternity photographer?

Welwyn maternity photographer based in Hertfordshire, Photography by Shivani

Choosing a photographer no matter what the occasion is always such a personal decision.

As a photographer, it's important to me that my clients and I are the right fit for each other so we can have a smooth photoshoot and get the most out of your session at my Welwyn studio in Hertfordshire. 

Here's four reasons why you should book me as your Welwyn maternity photographer...

Attention to detail

Every set up involves careful thought about styling, lighting and posing to achieve that perfect shot.

As a maternity photographer, one of the most common concerns I have from my beautiful clients is that they are self-conscious. No matter how confident they may seem in my photos everyone always has something (including me!).

There might be some angles you're less fond of or maybe you've just never done something like this before.... WHATEVER the case may be, as your trusted Welwyn photographer, be at ease that I will guide you every step of the way to ensure you are comfortable and posed in only the most flattering of ways <3

Personalised experience

Creative artistry

Timeless memories



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I'm Shivani from Photography by Shivani. Please feel free to check out my blog where I have a range of articles related to maternity / pregnancy :) 

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